Reduce time to market

Hands-on help from Location experts and developers.

Our consultants work directly with you to provide organizational or technical enablement.

Instant Setup

Provide your environment with value added indoor position features.

Fast Implementation

BlueGPS is a ready to go platform for different scenarion.

Best Support

Synapses team can support you to fulfill the requirements.


Environmental constraints can affect the performance of your location system. Synapses can provide high value on-site service, based on the background from different years (starting in 2012) on radio-based location systems.

Enterprise Consulting

The right service for company projects

Experienced consultants who can advise and guide your company’s location strategy and implementation approach.

  • Solution Architect

  • Site Survey

  • Technical Sales

Configuration Consulting

Plug-and-play solutions

BlueGPS installation and configuration specialists will provide focused services, enabling your teams to do everything correctly from the very first time.

  • Integration Support

  • VPN based remote monitoring

  • Configuration check

Expertise in Action

Synapses team should support you on any project phases from the idea to the delivery and over.

Beautiful maps

Create visually stunning Maps fast using BlueGPS platform.

Fast delivery

Reduce your time to market without quality loss.

No coding

Visual confiration and customization. We can support you to made everything by yourself.

Best Support

Our team of support professionals will resolve any issue impacting your organization.


We care about your customers’ satisfaction. Finding a way to meet customer needs, defining a process to respect timing and delivering the project according to customer needs are all key factors to a successful project. Synapses’ experienced team can help you define the correct steps to turn any project into a successful one.


Speed up deployment

Our experts can follow all phases of the Location process, in order to avoid problems and use as little time as possible.


Each project is unique

Our team can customize your project with unique features and tailored behavior, by providing highly trained software engineer specialists, app developers, 2D/3D Artist, and more.

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