Make data visible

BlueGPS is the best platform design for data visualization and advanced analysis. Mashup multiple data sources, to make maps that are as smart as they are beautiful. Use powerful 2D and 3D analytical tools to identify patterns and trends. Then put this information to good use by sharing it within your organization, online, through a web or a mobile app


The power of location anywhere

Use the power of location to improve coordination and operational efficiency in field workforce activities. Reduce or even replace reliance on paper.

Ensure that both field and office workers use the same authoritative data to reduce errors, boost productivity, and reduce costs.

  • Asset finding

  • Room control

  • Advisory services

Path Editor

Define your routes

Use a route or a stops list generated by you in the office. Routes shared to BlueGPS Navigator in real time to use in the field.

  • Navigate with custom map

  • Used a preplanned route

  • No code is needed


Analyze and review your Data

Simplify data analysis by filtering it with context-sensitive tools. Perform interactive 2D and 3D analysis can easy help you to review and understand your company dynamics.

  • Advanced filtering

  • Anonymous data storage GDPR compliant

  • Hi performance DB

Expertise in Action

The Synapses team will support you during all project phases, from idea to delivery, and afterwards.

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Beautiful maps

Create visually stunning Maps quickly and easily, using the BlueGPS platform.

Fast delivery

Reduce your time to market without losing quality.

No coding

Visual configuration and customization. We can support you, enabling you to do everything independently.

Best Support

Our team of support professionals will solve any issue impacting your organization.

Object Search

Make better decisions by understanding why, where and when things happen. Speed up your tasks with better interaction.


Use location to your advantage. See where things happen. Analyze detailed incident maps. Generate alerts when something goes wrong.

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