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Our easy-to-configure location intelligence software can deliver a personalized experience at scale, on a cloud or on-premise architecture, by using the best location technology. Our team of experienced engineers and product people will guide you through the setup and organization process.



With our BLUE satellite, or RFID portal, we are able to detect the position of anything, anywhere, in an indoor or outdoor environment. The number of satellites or RFID portal we have to mount is directly proportional to the accuracy you will need — our limit is 0,50 to 3 meter. Each satellite covers from 50 to 400 Sqm and needs a PoE cable to be interconnected and powered with the central system.

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Accelerate your project with our technology and the BlueGPS framework

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Create visually stunning Maps quickly, using the BlueGPS platform.

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Reduce your time to market without losing quality

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Visual configuration and customization. We can support you, enabling you to do everything independently.

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Our team of support professionals will solve any issue impacting your organization.


The best platform needs the best location systems. BlueGPS use bluetooth technology to archive a submeter accuracy, creating extraordinary, magical features on the way.

  • Save time, using a solid and stable platform.
  • Stay focused on your project and on customer needs.

Open Platform

BlueGPS for Developers offers an enhanced experience that brings the power of location and mapping to all developers, with greater simplicity and flexibility.


Well-documented API. BlueGPS uses Swagger, the easiest developer tool to understand, test and use REST based API.

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