Location made easy

Get a complete set of features without any coding

Smart Map

The best tool to efficiently import, scale and immediately use your maps on PC or apps. 
BlueGPS supports all raster (JPG, PNG, ...) and vector format (SVG)

Building Navigation

Advanced navigation and routing

Search for and add destinations. Follow your routes, receive alerts and incoming messages from the field in real time. Quickly respond to new requirements by understanding where resources are.

  • Custom navigation

  • Based on your maps

  • Room, Coworker or Asset finding

Location runs best with BlueGPS

BlueGPS is an agile industry 4.0 solution to make manufacturing and production processes flexible and connected

Beautiful maps

Create visually stunning Maps quickly, using the BlueGPS platform.


Make data-driven decisions about your project.

No coding

Visual configuration and customization. We can support you, enabling you to do everything independently.


Load your map and immediately use the BlueGPS native application, bringing all the functions you need with you.

Custom event

Supercharge your applications with our location-based events. Design, assign and organize any event you need, for groups, single users or based on a specific area

Spaghetti Analisys

Integrate data from multiple sources

Combine data from various sources and formats. BlueGPS can integrate industry and community standards, to ensure the inclusion of any dataset you have.

  • 100% Configurable

  • Well-documented

  • Multi-language platform

Data Visualization

Our Best Features

Create thematic interactive maps that allow you to explore and understand their geographic data.

  • Heatmap saturation filter

  • Custom look and feel

  • Very large capacity for data elaboration

Mobile App

Take advantage of location. See where things happen. Analyze detailed incident maps. Generate alerts when something goes wrong. Available for iOS and Android

3D Interface

See the data into real environment

  • Clinic Demo
  • Sport

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